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Industrial Water Meter factory
11-12-2019, 12:48 PM
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Industrial Water Meter factory
Urbine Water Meters
Turbine water meters for the parallel axis of the impeller are designed for urban services, water supply stations and industry. This kind of water meter is a Woltman type metering device designed for cold water, with a turbine having a parallel axis.
The Peculiarity of This Type of Turbine Water Meter:
It is able to exercise control in conditions of a constant flow profile of large volumes. The design was developed specifically for use by industrial enterprises and municipal water supply, various city services. The special strength of the performance makes it possible for a long time to maintain exceptional measurement accuracy over a wide range of operating parameters.
The required reserve of performance, stable reliability performance at start-up in low flow mode provides the impeller with unique optimized hydrodynamics. ;This helps to ideally take into account the limiting values of the flow. Increased service life is achieved by the presence of bearings of the reinforced type, having a low level of friction.
Without violation of the control seal, additional installation of inductive sensors, as well as optical and impulsive elements, is performed. Many new features are achieved by adding data to the system in such a simple way.
Meantime, this mechanical woltman water meter also easily to be connected with AMR system, through Mbus, RS485 wire, pulse output, wireless lora, GPRS network. Virtually realizing remote reading, valve control and systematic data analysis.

Main advantages:
● Extensive range of measurements;
● Starting is very easy;
● Exceptional durability under excessive load conditions;
● Minimum pressure loss;
● Availability of measuring element of removable type;
VInstallation, if necessary, of passive and active sensors of a pulse type; optical passive power reading
● Stability of measurements with long-term use guarantees reliable protection of the counting mechanism from condensate;
● Hydraulic unloading of bearings;
● Durable protective case;
● The reading process simplifies the presence of the mechanism with digital rollers;
● Ability to work at water temperature up to +30 ° С.
Working Conditions:
Water temperature: 0º C~40 º C
Water pressure: ≤ 1MPa (1.6 MPa on request)
Permissible Error Limits:
A) In the lower zone from qmin inclusive up to but excluding qt is ± 5
B) In the upper zone from qt inclusive up to and including QS is ± 2%Industrial Water Meter factory
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