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Projections - Richard - 01-30-2014

Projection is one of the spookiest things in the world and yet when you understand what it is and how it works it is simple to understand and much easier to handle. When you learn to handle your projections you will be better at handling others too and you will, in all aspects of life become much more responsible because you know and can see how things are on a deeper level.

As a model for better understanding I use an image of Yon & Yang: Half of me is Ego the other half is the Shadow. Ego is what I know about my self and what I have decided that I am and do. The Shadow is everything I have decided not to be and not to do. I started doing this shortly after I was born in order to find strategies that worked and gave me a behavior that gave me what I needed to survive physical as well as emotional and mental.

This is the way we al become half creatures and subconsciously believe that my partner will fill me so I become complete! So we become grocers. If you give me 10 pounds of love every day I give you 10 pounds back! and then we all become what Harvey Mackay describe as: Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt! Everything about my self that I dont want to face is put in to the garbage can we call The Shadow. Every unpleasent thing and strategy we ever encountered and dont want to meet again is thrown in to the Shadow. And then we believe it is gone. The bad news is that it is not gone - well actually it is the good news because we cant throw it away. If you dont like what your arm is doing you can cut it of and throw it away, but you cant throw your negative emotions away.

The result of throwing things in to The Shadow and forget about them is that these things actually control the Ego without us knowing it. How many times have you repeatedly found yourself in the almost exact same situation you tried so hard to avoid?

The Shadow is like a thick fog around us and we have to see other people through this fog. And we dont know this. We cant see this any more because we are so used to see what we see. We dont see other people as they really are. We see them through everything we dont know about ourselves. And we dont know.\n\n... Until this grand fog disappears. It usually does not. But sometimes someone is lucky and the fog disappears for a while. Or at least so much of the fog that it is possible to notice some kind of change in the perception of others. This will be the surprise of your life and a VERY pleasent one.\n\n\n1. The Shadow is controlling the Ego. The Shadow is projected and we see the world through it.

Sometimes things will pop out of the Shadow. That is because The Shadow wants to get united with The Ego. The Shadow wants you to heal. To become complete. Every time you feel a psychological need it is something in The Shadow that wants daylight. As long as you try to seperate The Ego and The Shadow your needs and emotions will be based on The Shadow. The wil be unconscious and you will go out in the world trying to manipulate others to fill your needs.

There is only one thing that 100% will cure this neediness and this is a strong Inner Game. Behavior techniques and fake it till you make it will bring you some of the way, but only a Superior Inner Game will really make it for you.

There is a difference between fysical needs as food and shelter, and the psychological needs as acknowledgement and ''if I buy you a beer - will you give me 7 minutes of respect or attention?'' Well YOU DONT NEED HER RESPECT NOR HER ATTENTION!!!! (You dont need respect from any body!). You dont need anything from her if you have your inner game in place. You will be flooded with abundance and she will know! You dont have any needy interest in her and she will know! You dont want anything from her and she will know!

The Outer Game is for The Ego - The Inner Game is for The Shadow.