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Full Version: 2 crazy openings
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I am really not so fond of canned openings. I feel its a little phony. So I always look for something else.

Recently I met 2 girls in a bar and one of them had a handbag which she carried around in a chain! So of course I asked her if she was on parole!

And another great one:

Once I passed a corner a little too fast an I bumped right in to a very nice thing and I shouted in an angry tone: DONT PUSH ME!! I said in a loud and slightly dominant tone. She was very surprised and tried to say something but she really didnt know what to say. So I continued: Dont you know you are supposed to look where you are going, I said - this time with a smile. I thought for a momen that you were going to attack me, she said and I replied: I AM going to attack you! I took her arm and started walking.....