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The Rules - admin - 02-18-2014

When posting make your headline (Post Subject) as clear as you can. It makes it easier to find it when searching the forum and it will give you better SEO in Google!

1. Anybody can post in TMM Forum
2. Be nice and respect each other please!
3. Afilliate links are not allowed but it is ok to post a link to YOUR site in the Promotion thread.
4. Avoid links in posts. They will be evelauted and if not relevant deleted!
5. Only one link in signature. Special agreements can be made.
8. Moderators can have multiple lnks in the signature.
9. This forum is free, but we use Google Ads to finance hosting and programming. Don't click on ads unless you are interested.
10. We are monitoring the forum daily and everything that looks like spam will be deleted and user/ip banned.
11. Links to medications and adult sites are NOT tolerated and you will get banned immediately.

Two ways to get banned:
1. Spam.
2. Personal assaults.